Who are FANs?

A group of prestigious student leaders dedicated to raising awareness of the Oswego Alumni Association and The Fund for Oswego amongst their fellow peers, faculty and staff. As members, they will educate the student body about the importance of philanthropy and of staying connected to their alma mater after graduation. This board/foundation is also about students helping students — about students taking care of the SUNY Oswego family. By participating in this organization and by supporting fellow SUNY Oswego community members, we demonstrate to others that we value SUNY Oswego not just as our school, but as an important contributor to our future. These leaders are our “alumni-leaders-in-training” working to create connections between past, present and future alumni.

What’s in it for you?
  • Networking with alumni
  • Building your leadership skills
  • Growing your resume
  • Opportunity for you to grow you networks with peers, faculty and staff
  • Helping to create SUNY Oswego pride

Where are FANs?
Hosting events, spreading the word about Oswego Alumni Association programs and meeting alumni everywhere!

When to join?
Right now. Visit LakerLife to fill out a registration form.

Get the most out of your college career and build your professional network.

Events FANs participated in since January 2014:
Love-a-donor day
Scholarship awareness day
FANs supporting FANs smoothies

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Build your alumni network today.
Become a FAN of SUNY Oswego!