The President's Circle

A strong foundation for Oswego’s future

One gift, many returns

Members of The President’s Circle are generous and valued supporters of Oswego. Their leadership support charts the course of annual giving for our more than 77,000 alumni.

By joining
The President’s Circle, and by renewing your membership each year, you make a powerful, lasting statement about the value of an Oswego education, inspiring others to give more generously themselves.

Your gift to
The President’s Circle impacts the lives of students, faculty and staff -- the entire SUNY Oswego community -- and ultimately beyond, as our graduates go on to make a positive impact on the world.

When President’s Circle donors join together in support of Oswego, each gift helps to achieve larger goals, which in turn provides better educational opportunities for our students both in and outside of the classrooms.

You determine the future

Your membership in The President’s Circle will make a difference. Through your vision and support, bright and deserving students will have the opportunity to benefit from an Oswego education.

Please consider making a world of difference to a place that made a difference to you by joining  
The President’s Circle today!

The President's Circle Giving Societies 
          (Through June 30, 2013) 
Sheldon Ambassadors $5,000 and up 
Ontarian Society $2,500 - $4,999 
1861 Founder's Society $1,861 - $2,499 
Sheldon Inner Circle $1,000 - $1,860 
Sheldon Loyalty Society $500 - $999 
Sheldon Associates $250 - $499 

Membership opportunities include donating an unrestricted gift to be used in areas of greatest need or priority. Or, you may wish to designate your gift to support scholarships, one of our schools, an academic department, organization or program.

For more information on joining this prestigious group of philanthropic leaders, call 315-312-3003.

New recognition levels below will begin on July 1, 2013.