Reunion Planning Committee


Join the fun and become a Reunion Class/Group Volunteer!

Help us plan Reunion Weekend activities, including an extra-special event just for YOUR class/group!

We’re hoping that you’ll agree to join us in our Reunion Weekend 2014 planning – again, or for the first time! Reunion 2013 brought more than 900 alumni and friends back to campus. We have a lot of fun planning all the weekend’s activities and reconnecting with classmates. Network with your classmates to help get them back to campus!

The last Reunion Planning Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, Apr. 12.

Read the minutes from our Planning Committee Meetings:

In case you’re worried about distance and where you live – don’t! You do NOT need to be able to attend meetings to participate as a Planning Volunteer.
With e-mail and phone, you can contribute your ideas even if you’re too far away to make it to the Saturday morning meetings – typically scheduled once a month from November through February, and once again in April, in Oswego. (We can also provide overnight accommodations on campus for those who need it to attend the planning meetings).

You can sign up for the Reunion Planning Committee by submitting a Reunion News Note today!

You’ll get more detailed information about the actual Reunion and the planning process should you agree to come aboard. Hope you’ll join us! We look forward to an extra-special weekend of fun next June!

Reunion Planning Committee 
 Bob Allen '54
 Michael Belus '84
 Bruce Buckingham '71
 Joe Busa '77
 Carol Passaro Camerino '85
 Joe Anne Esposito Capucilli '70
 Ed Caraccioli '54
 Jack Carr '74
 AC Claudet '71
 Karen Colucci Coia '89
 Anthony Critelli '89
 Emmanuel Cruz '09
 Brian Culkin '01
 Kate Percival DeForest '96
 Erin Griffin Dinneen '71
 Howard Edelstein '64
 Karen Gallo Eggleston '68
 Tammy Thompson Elowsky '90
 Jerry Esposito '70
 Marcia Kalsuga Ferguson '75
 Kelley Flood '84
 Frank Frazier, Jr. '79
 Cynthia Fryer '75
 Stephen Gilmartin '83
 James Goodall '69
 Jim Grismer '89
 Jay Gussak '85
 Kristin Hall '09
 Tammy Hoffmann '10
 Heather Howard '07
 Jack James '62
 Christine Kubacki Johnson '73
 Sarah Kane '08
 David Kidd '49
 Maureen Flynn Kratz '04
 Donald Lane '80
 Stanley Levenson '54
 Tim Macdowall '90
 Renee Abstender Marchak '94
 Angelo Marinelli '64
 Curtiss Matterson '54
 Jennie McCarthy '09
 Joseph-Michael Midura '74
 Patrick Murphy '74
 Tracy Nadler '69
 Adam Obstein '04
 Linda Paris '10
 Edwin Peterson '54
 Myron Phillips '57
 Eric Potts '05
 Bill Price '70
 Marvin Reed '64
 Cathleen Richards '09
 Michael Roe '94
 Peter Rogers '84
 Patricia Lutes Schmidt '64
 Leona Scott '69
 Jennifer Shepard '04
 Martin Sherman '74
 William Stata '69
 Betsy Griswold Sweeting '54
 Redd Swindells '75
 Bill Tolan '70
 Robin Tovell-Toubal '84
 George Tully '77
 Dave Valentine '57
 Julia Vicat-Yando '84
 Frank Wallace '82
 Mark Wool '89
 Laurie Cole Wyman '89
 David Wyman '89