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A Defining Moment Meeting the Challenges of a New Day
Campaign Priorities Make a Gift

The Campaign for SUNY Oswego

A Defining Moment 

We are at a defining moment in higher education.

The need to remain affordable, relevant and student-centered has never been greater. To meet those challenges, SUNY Oswego is intensely focused on keeping costs within reach of all families, promoting student learning and development, and preparing and motivating graduates to lead productive lives and enrich their times.

President Deborah F. Stanley

The Power of SUNY initiative has a collective vision for making New York the best it can be and embraces the special role of public universities. At SUNY Oswego, we are opening our doors wide to provide an exceptional college education for a diverse community of talented students. True to our roots, we are a deeply dedicated institution where accomplished professors teach and guide students from all backgrounds, where together faculty and students find and translate new knowledge, where graduates leave prepared for professional success and active citizenship.

That is our passion and our purpose. Now, we embark upon a campaign that is true to Oswego’s enterprising spirit. To succeed, we must align our resources with our aspirations. The Campaign for SUNY Oswego seeks to secure $40 million in private philanthropy to support our priorities. Now is the time to work together to shape the SUNY Oswego of tomorrow. 

With your generous support, we will amass the talents and secure the resources needed to transform lives and inspire our graduates to go on to achieve their greatest dreams.

Green and Gold Day photo

Meeting the Challenges of a New Day 

Oswego’s strength lies in the promise of our historic mission: to prepare our students to contribute to the common good. The Campaign for SUNY Oswego embodies our enduring belief in that mission even as we embrace the challenges of a new day.

We are charting a course where our impact will be more profound, where our outreach will be wider, where our students — transformed by the power of education — will gain the knowledge, skills and perspectives needed to find personal success and help build a better world.

We have the institutional capacity and resolve to make it happen. It will take bold action. It will demand passion and purpose. And it will require increased philanthropic support, made possible by the success of this campaign.

I have had the privilege of serving at Oswego for 30-plus years, and more than a decade-and-a-half as President. I’ve invested time, energy and resources without reservation. Why? Because I see the return every day in the confidence, competence and character of our students and alumni.

Now I invite you to join us in this bold endeavor by giving generously — again or for the first time. Together we can inspire current and future students, the leaders of tomorrow who will carry forth our hopes and legacies.

– Deborah F. Stanley
SUNY Oswego President

Campaign Priorities

Make a Gift We are justifiably proud of what we have achieved at SUNY Oswego in these early years of the 21st century. Our prospects are surging: we have a smart, engaged, diverse student body, a renewed physical campus, and a clear and far-reaching plan for tomorrow.

Mark Baum ’81

Now, to continue to build a dynamic academic community — and have a transforming impact on our students, our region and our world — we must secure significant private support to fund our topmost priorities.

The goals for The Campaign for SUNY Oswego, reaching into every corner of the college, are threefold:
Make a GiftFor more information, contact the Office of University Development at 315-312-3003 or email