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Classes celebrating milestones in 2017:
1942 (75th), 1947 (70th), 1952 (65th), 1957 (60th), 1962 (55th), 1967 (50th),
1972 (45th), 1977 (40th), 1986, 1987, 1988 (30th Cluster) and 1992 (25th)

Groups celebrating milestones in 2017:
Delta Chi Omega/Tau Kappa Epsilon (50th Anniversary), Delta Phi Epsilon (30th Anniversary),
Omicron Xi (35th Anniversary), Phi Omicron Xi (50th Anniversary)
and Sigma Gamma (70th Anniversary)

Non-milestone groups celebrating in 2017:
Alpha Delta Eta, Alpha Sigma Chi, Beta Tau Epsilon, Comm Studies '86-'88 Alumni,
Delta Kappa Kappa, Omega Delta Phi, Phi Lambda Phi, Pi Delta Chi/Arethusa Eta,
Psi Phi Gamma, Sigma Tau Chi, Theta Chi Rho and Wrestling


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