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FANs is a group of prestigious student leaders dedicated to raising awareness of the Oswego Alumni Association and The Fund for Oswego amongst their fellow peers, faculty and staff. As members, they will educate the student body about the importance of philanthropy and of staying connected to their alma mater after graduation. This board is also about students helping students — about students taking care of the SUNY Oswego family.

By participating in this organization and by supporting fellow SUNY Oswego community members, we demonstrate to others that we value SUNY Oswego not just as our school, but as an important contributor to our future. These leaders are our “alumni-leaders-in-training” working to create connections between past, present and future alumni.

Why Join?

  • Opportunities for campus exposure, making the FANs Student Ambassadors some of the most visible and well-known students on campus.
  • Development of personal growth, self-esteem, leadership skills and a professional resume
  • Unparalleled experience in public relations (meeting people, public speaking, representing the College) which help develop the skills and confidence vital to future success in job interviews and career advancement
  • Opportunity to work with and learn from the Alumni Association staff. Broaden contacts among faculty, staff, students, and administration for pleasure, help on campus, and references upon graduation
  • Networking opportunities with the Alumni Board and GOLD Leadership Council
  • Unique invitations to special alumni events
  • Opportunities to network with alumni and build your network  

What duties are performed by the FANs Student Ambassadors?

  • Give campus tours to alumni. Personalizing the College visit by making alumni feel welcome, comfortable, and confident about their Oswego experience.
  • Demonstrate sincerity, enthusiasm, credibility, interest, and helpfulness in all aspects of the FANs position
  • Represent FANs and The Alumni Association at specific events
  • Promote and increase involvement in student events and opportunities
  • Participate in occasional photo shoots for promotional materials
  • Make presentations about FANs in specific classes
  • Attend weekly meetings to help plan and coordinate events
  • Receive invitations to special events for members at specific alumni events
  • Attend the end of the year FANs Appreciation Night

Ways to Join
to Laker Life: 
Recommend a GREAT student:  recommendation form
Email:  fans@oswego.eduLaker Life

Meeting Calendar

Meetings are held every Wednesday at 4:45 - 5:45 p.m. in King Alumni Hall. If there are no classes, or classes are cancelled please email to see if there is a meeting.

Events Calendar
Love a Donor Day
Friday, Feb. 12
Come join us in the Marano Campus Center to sign thank you cards, receive candy and sign the Love a Donor Day banner.

Backpack to Briefcase Conference
Wed. Feb. 24 at 5 p.m.
Advance registration is required. REGISTER TODAY!


Welcoming Torchlight
Freshman Fun Day with FANs
Green and Gold Day
Tag Day
Love-A-Donor Day
Scholarship Awareness Day
Backpack to Briefcase


FANs members!

Alyssa Barrett '17

  Major: Graphic Design
Hometown:  Honeoye Falls
Interests:  Design, Writing, Fitness, Movies
Why is FANs important to you?
FANS is important to me because it serves as an amazing resource for students to connect and appreciate the alumni of SUNY Oswego. It offers a chance to meet new people and build rewarding relationships.


Nina Baumann '16  

Photo coming soon!

  Major: Wellness Management
Hometown: Port Jefferson, NY
Interests: Running, travel, reading, baking
Why is FANs important to you?
FANs is important to me because it broadens my horizons beyond my peers at SUNY Oswego. I have met and heard stories from several alumni that are inspiring as they went through the same experiences I am going through now.

 Lauren DeJohn '17   Major:  Biology
Syracuse, N.Y.
  Hanging out with friends, meeting new people, being involved  
Why is FANs important to you?

FANs is important because it gives me opportunities to meet and connect with alumni and grow as a person.

 Kalyn Duguay '16   Major: Communication Major/ Business Administration Minor
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Interests: Spending time with family and friends, going on Adventures, Skiing, Boating,and most importantly hanging out with my dog Mardi

Why is FANs important to you?
FANs is important to me because it allowed for me to become involved on campus while learning more about Oswego in general while connecting with current and alumni students of Oswego


Rachel Edic '17


Major: Technology Education with a Business Administration Minor
Hometown: Baldwinsville 
Interests: I love to travel and would like to continue going on missions trips. I also love to go to my family camp in the Adirondacks. 
 Why is FANs important to you?
FANs is important to me because I know how much of a valuable resource it is to students. Many students feel theyreceived a wonderful education, but, are unsure about what comes next. FANs is an organization that can help students prepare to cross that bridge after graduation.
 Claire Lacure '17   Major:  Public Relations 
Hometown:  Greece, N.Y. 
terests: Travel, outdoors, fitness/athletics, MLB (Detroit Tigers), people, reading, laughing
Why is FANs important to you?  FANs is important to me because it was one of the first clubs I joined at Oswego. I felt instantly accepted and it opened up many doors for me.


Emily Pease '17

  Major: Public Relations
Hometown: Massena, N.Y.
Interests: Dancing and meeting new people
Why is FANs important to you?
It is a great opportunity for me to improve my leadership skills, meet new people and make connections. 


Samantha Schou '16

Major: Public Relations 
Hometown: Binghamton, NY
Interests: Volleyball, going on adventures 
Why is FANs important to you?
It has given me many opportunities to connect with alumni in Public Relations and Marketing. FANs gives me a chance to get more involved on campus.

Schretzman '17


Major: Public Relations
Hometown: Holbrook
Interests: My dogs and Netflix
Why is FANs important to you?
FANs is important to me because it has given me the real life experience that students look for in an internship. I have grown so much since becoming a part of FANs and I have met so many incredible and hardworking people.













































  Top Row: Matthew Chrostowsky '15,Christina Schretzman '16,
Olivia DiCapua '15, Megan Ducey '15 and Anthony Gray '15

Bottom Row: Anja Godlweski-Dykes '15 and 
Kalyn Duguay '16