Future Alumni Network (FANs)

Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow!

FANs is a group of prestigious student leaders dedicated to raising awareness of the Oswego Alumni Association and The Fund for Oswego amongst their fellow peers, faculty and staff. As members, they will educate the student body about the importance of philanthropy and of staying connected to their alma mater after graduation. This board is also about students helping students — about students taking care of the SUNY Oswego family.

By participating in this organization and by supporting fellow SUNY Oswego community members, we demonstrate to others that we value SUNY Oswego not just as our school, but as an important contributor to our future. These leaders are our “alumni-leaders-in-training” working to create connections between past, present and future alumni.

Why Join?

  • Student Ambassadors are some of the most visible and well-known students on campus
  • Build your leadership skills
  • Experience in event planning and public relations (opportunities to develop your public speaking and communication skills)
  • Opportunity to network with alumni
  • Invitations to certain alumni events
  • Host alumni while on campus
  • Help build SUNY Oswego spirit and traditions
  • Grow your resume
  • Meet new people and have fun!

What duties are performed by the FANs Student Ambassadors?

  • Give campus tours to alumni. Personalizing the College visit by making alumni feel welcome, comfortable, and confident about their Oswego experience.
  • Demonstrate sincerity, enthusiasm, credibility, interest, and helpfulness in all aspects of the FANs position
  • Represent FANs and The Alumni Association at specific events
  • Promote and increase involvement in student events and opportunities
  • Participate in occasional photo shoots for promotional materials
  • Make presentations about FANs in specific classes
  • Attend weekly meetings to help plan and coordinate events
  • Receive invitations to special events for members at specific alumni events
  • Attend the end of the year FANs Appreciation Night

Meeting Calendar

Nov. 4 - 5 Homecoming

Nov. 4 Green and Gold Day; show your Laker pride on Facebook.  

Our Projects and Programs

FANs goals are to raise awareness among current and future alumni about the importance of giving back to SUNY Oswego spirit and to help build new traditions that build a sense of family among the SUNY Oswego community. These goals are met through projects and programs such as:

  • Welcoming Torchlight
  • Freshman Fun Day with FANs
  • Green and Gold Day
  • Tag Day
  • Love-A-Donor Day
  • Scholarship Awareness Day
  • Backpack to Briefcase
  • Sophomore Celebration

FANs Executive Board

Emily Pease '16 

Christina Schretzman '17
Vice President

Claire Lacure '17
Events Director

Alyssa Barrett '17
PR/Marketing Director

Jordan Mallore '18
Finance Director

Rachel Long '17
Membership Director


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  Top Row: Matthew Chrostowsky '15,Christina Schretzman '16,
Olivia DiCapua '15, Megan Ducey '15 and Anthony Gray '15

Bottom Row: Anja Godlweski-Dykes '15 and 
Kalyn Duguay '16