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Gold Leadership Council 2014-2015

The Graduates Of the Last Decade Leadership Council is a group of highly engaged young alumni committed to the cause of inspiring engagement among their peers, acting as ambassadors of the Oswego Alumni Association, and educating other GOLD alumni about the programs and the benefits offered by the Oswego Alumni Association.

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Austin Byrd '10

Austin Byrd ’10


"I donate to Oswego because I have made the friends of a lifetime there. I was in my freshman roommate's wedding, and live with a friend I worked with as a Resident Mentor. The experiences and memories I have from Oswego are second to none."


Steven DiMarzo '11 M ’15
Vice President

"I give to SUNY Oswego because it's where I called home during some of the best years of my life and I want to help build the strongest home possible for current and future students' to have experiences and memories unsurpassed by any other institution."


Jessica Bagdovitz ’12

"I give back because I know that there would be less opportunity for learning without alumni donors. I benefited from donations far beyond the classroom, and I want to give new students the same experience." 

Vanessa Reitz '06 

Vanessa Vair Reitz ’06
Immediate Past President

"I give back to SUNY Oswego because I know how much alumni gifts benefit Oswego students. I want them to have an amazing experience, just like I did."

   Michael Gewirtzman ’05

Ron Tascarella ’06

"I give back to SUNY Oswego as thanks for the memories, friends and education gained."


Maggie Dolly ’07

 "I wouldn't have had the courage or support to move to Los Angeles without first having done Hollywood POV. I give back to Oswego so that future students have that same opportunity and we can continue to grow our west coast group of alums."

Anthony Izzo 

 Anthony Izzo ’07

"I give back because I wouldn’t be who I am today without the experiences and resources that I received at Oswego. Oswego allowed me to open my eyes to possibilities that I never thought I could achieve. I want student’s to receive the same opportunity to reach their full potential."

   Aditya Kurniadi ’07 
Stephanie Lamb ’07 

 Stephanie Lamb ’07
Oswego Staff Liaison

"Oswego is part of what has made me who I am today. I give back so that I can help students today have an even better experience than I did!"


Dan Tascarella ’07

"Oswego is a part of who I am today because of the lifelong friendships, education and experiences that I had at Oswego.  As a student and continuing to this day, I am proud to say some of my greatest mentors have been fellow Oswego alumni.  I give back to Oswego with my time and money so current students become successful alumni." 


Sarah Kane ’08 

"As an undergraduate, I received the Presidential Scholarship for all four years that I attended Oswego. I give back to the scholarship fund to enable future students to receive the aid I did in order to keep student loan debt down. As a current MBA student at SUNY Oswego, I have limited funds, but still find a few dollars to give back to a program that helped me so much."

Cathleen Richards ’09   Cathleen Richards ’09

Stefen Short ’10

"Oswego transformed me in immeasurable ways. I learned how to think critically, fail productively, and succeed humbly. I benefited in so many ways from the attention of my mentors and the love and honesty of my friends. Because I attended Oswego, I've grown. I give so that others can grow, too."


Amy LaLonde ’12

"My reasons for giving are simple. I received the Presidential Scholarship to attend Oswego, allowing me to enjoy four fun-filled years of education and then subsequently pursue a Ph.D. program without the financial stress of needing to pay off student loans on a student stipend. Even living on a student stipend, I give back because every little bit counts."


Jennifer Watson ’12

"I give back to Oswego because I want students to be able to have the same opportunities that I did and continue to have from being involved with the university."

    Sarah Bernier ’13
 Tyler Edic ’13

Tyler Edic ’13
Oswego Staff Liaison 

"I give time and money back to SUNY Oswego because I love it here. Go Oswego!"


Sara Cooper '14

"I am involved in the GOLD LC because as a recent graduate of SUNY Oswego, I know how important it is to network with alumni.  I am also giving back to SUNY Oswego and the GOLD LC because Oswego helped me to grow so much as a student and an individual."


 Megan Andolina

Megan Andolina
Oswego Staff Liaison

"I give back because I see first-hand how gifts to the college provide Oswego students with amazing opportunities. I am proud to be able to work for such a great institution!"

 Anthony Gray ’15  Anthony Gray ’15
Student Liaison