SUNY Oswego Telefund

 SUNY Oswego Telefund Callers

Student Telefund callers are committed to helping maintain and improve the SUNY Oswego experience for all students. These students value the education they are receiving at Oswego and realize the lifelong advantages it provides. Our Telefund callers are not only calling to ask for your support, they are also calling to thank you. Your help provides great opportunities and experiences for everyone here at SUNY Oswego.

Thank YouDid you know? The Telefund office consists of 30 student callers who contact more than 78,000 Oswego alumni, friends and parents annually.

Telefund students call on behalf of The Fund for Oswego, which benefits the entire campus.

Gifts to The Fund for Oswego support academic programs, technological upgrades, student/faculty collaboration, library resources, and so much more! 
When you take the time to speak with a student caller, you will hear updates about Oswego, and have the opportunity to ask questions about what is happening on campus.

Our callers will confirm or update your address, e-mail address and business information.

You are also offered the opportunity to make an impact on campus by supporting academic programs, scholarships and student activities through The Fund for Oswego.

Join Oswego's Telefund

The SUNY Oswego Telefund center is one of the most exciting places to work on campus. This job will provide you with valuable marketing and public relations experience that will enhance your résumé and increase your chances of landing a great job upon graduation.

How to Apply:  If you are a current student and interested in becoming a Telefund Caller, please fill out an application and return it to 215 Sheldon Hall or email it to