Past Reunions

 More than 1,200 alumni returned to Oswego to get in an
"Oswego State of Mind"! Check out all the fun from Reunion 2017!




More than 1,000 alumni returned to Oswego for a Western-themed
rodeo and hoedown! Check out all the fun from Reunion 2016!

 Nearly 1,000 alumni returned to Oswego for an all-alumni luau and clambake! Check out all the fun from the biggest alumni party of the year.

Reunion Photo AlbumMore than 1,000 alumni took out their "Passport to Oswego" for this fun weekend of reconnecting with old friends, touring campus and making memories. We hope to see you again soon!

Reunion 2013 LogoReunion 2013 Photo AlbumThe rain didn't stop the festive spirit for the 900 Oswego Alumni came "Back to Oswego" for the weekend of fun, food and dancing with friends old and new.

Reunion 2012 Logo Reunion 2012 Photo AlbumIt was a great weekend to celebrate this year's biggest alumni "family reunion," the Great Oswego State Fair! More than 800 alumni joined us for the festivities. Experience some of the fun through our Flickr slideshow. We look forward to seeing you in 2013!

Reunion 2011 LogoReunion 2011 Photo AlbumThank you for joining us for the Sesquicentennial Reunion Weekend June 10-12, 2011. The 150 year anniversary of Oswego was celebrated by all, and we hope you look forward to the next 50 years as much as we do!

Reunion 2010 LogoReunion 2010 Photo AlbumReunion 2010 was a SUNY Oswego weekend full of memories! More than 1,100 alumni and friends gathered on campus June 10-13 to reconnect and reminisce about old times!

Reunion 2009 LogoReunion 2009 Photo AlbumWe would like to thank everyone who came to support their alma mater and helped to make Reunion 2009 such a success! We hope everyone had as much fun as we did remembering the old times and making new memories.

Reunion 2008 LogoThank you to 1,100 alumni that attended Reunion Weekend and made it "Hot, Hot, Hot"! View the Reunion Photo Gallery of the weekend's activities and relive the fun!