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 800763789DebraAllen Allen, DebraAllen, DebraReturn to Oz 2013
 800776886GregoryBanks Banks, GregoryBanks, GregoryReturn to Oz 2013Wendy Samuels| 1983Wendy Samuels
 800782563ElijahBeamon Beamon, ElijahBeamon, ElijahReturn to Oz 2013Dovetta V. BeamonDovetta V. Beamon
 800784901MarilynnMasonBell Bell (Mason), MarilynnBell (Mason), MarilynnReturn to Oz 2013Bob Bell 1975Bob Bell 1975
  Victor D.Brewster Brewster, Victor D.Brewster, Victor D.Return to Oz 2013
 800817528AvonelleCareyCarey Carey, AvonelleCarey, AvonelleReturn to Oz 2013
 800292138EvaristoCedeno Cedeno, EvaristoCedeno, EvaristoReturn to Oz 2013
  MarcChambers Chambers, MarcChambers, MarcReturn to Oz 2013
  ebonycolemancoleman coleman, ebonycoleman, ebonyReturn to Oz 2013
 800311234ShermanCowan Cowan, ShermanCowan, ShermanReturn to Oz 2013
 800853480DeborahDeBoseDeBose-Taylor DeBose-Taylor (DeBose), DeborahDeBose-Taylor (DeBose), DeborahReturn to Oz 2013
  MaritzaDominguez Dominguez, MaritzaDominguez, MaritzaReturn to Oz 2013
 800092211TheodoreEmmanuel Emmanuel, TheodoreEmmanuel, TheodoreReturn to Oz 2013Selina Lazarus '92 M '97Selina Lazarus '92 M '97
 800880108GarrettEvans Evans, GarrettEvans, GarrettReturn to Oz 2013Marilyn EvansMarilyn Evans
  Tyrell Foster Foster, Tyrell Foster, Tyrell Return to Oz 2013
 800361963TyrellFoster-Wakeley Foster-Wakeley, TyrellFoster-Wakeley, TyrellReturn to Oz 2013
 800367381LeonardGabbidon Gabbidon, LeonardGabbidon, LeonardReturn to Oz 2013
  ThainaGonzalez Gonzalez, ThainaGonzalez, ThainaReturn to Oz 2013
 801022292AudreyGordon Gordon, AudreyGordon, AudreyReturn to Oz 2013
 800092792HowardGordon Gordon, HowardGordon, HowardReturn to Oz 2013Eva Evans-GordonEva Evans-Gordon
 800916340CarltonGrace Grace, CarltonGrace, CarltonReturn to Oz 2013Wanda GraceWanda Grace
 800918881MargaretDixonGreen Green (Dixon), MargaretGreen (Dixon), MargaretReturn to Oz 2013
  AnthonyGrimes Grimes, AnthonyGrimes, AnthonyReturn to Oz 2013
 800928303RogerHancock Hancock, RogerHancock, RogerReturn to Oz 2013
 800941974ShandaCanadayHill-Dawkins Hill-Dawkins (Canaday), ShandaHill-Dawkins (Canaday), ShandaReturn to Oz 2013
 800951123WillieHumphrey Humphrey, WillieHumphrey, WillieReturn to Oz 2013
 800955512CharlesJackson Jackson, CharlesJackson, CharlesReturn to Oz 2013
 800420931La-DanaJenkins Jenkins, La-DanaJenkins, La-DanaReturn to Oz 2013
 800958900EdnaJesse Jesse, EdnaJesse, EdnaReturn to Oz 2013
 800424214AndrewJones Jones, AndrewJones, AndrewReturn to Oz 2013
 800431809DauneKemp Kemp, DauneKemp, DauneReturn to Oz 2013Damien KempDamien Kemp
  YorkKemp Kemp, YorkKemp, YorkReturn to Oz 2013
  Dony KKuriakose Kuriakose, Dony KKuriakose, Dony KReturn to Oz 2013
 800197078StephanieLamb Lamb, StephanieLamb, StephanieReturn to Oz 2013
 800848846CamelliaDadeLane Lane (Dade), CamelliaLane (Dade), CamelliaReturn to Oz 2013
 800988510JackLane Lane, JackLane, JackReturn to Oz 2013
 800454433LionelLee Lee, LionelLee, LionelReturn to Oz 2013Maurice RaglandMaurice Ragland
  JohnMacDonald MacDonald, JohnMacDonald, JohnReturn to Oz 2013
 800489027ElizabethMcTiernan McTiernan, ElizabethMcTiernan, ElizabethReturn to Oz 2013Hal Sussman 1971Hal Sussman 1971
  AnnyMejia Mejia, AnnyMejia, AnnyReturn to Oz 2013
  JamesMiddleton III Middleton III, JamesMiddleton III, JamesReturn to Oz 2013
 800497623DianaMiranda Miranda, DianaMiranda, DianaReturn to Oz 2013
  Dr. David Moody Moody, Dr. David Moody, Dr. David Return to Oz 2013
 800501970MarioMorales Morales, MarioMorales, MarioReturn to Oz 2013
  MarkoNobles Nobles, MarkoNobles, MarkoReturn to Oz 2013
 801074106RenePatton-Cox Patton-Cox, RenePatton-Cox, ReneReturn to Oz 2013Michael K.Cox class of 1976Michael K.Cox class of 1976
  NewtonPaul Paul, NewtonPaul, NewtonReturn to Oz 2013Amara DavidsonAmara Davidson
  SemPhilippe Philippe, SemPhilippe, SemReturn to Oz 2013
  BarriePhillip Phillip, BarriePhillip, BarrieReturn to Oz 2013