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January 2014 • Vol 10 • No 1

 Oswego Alumni E-Newsletter

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Severe Weather Expert James LaDue ’86 Discusses Forecasting Advancements and Communications Challenges During Campus Lecture
Last May, two tornadoes ripped across Oklahoma, including the Oklahoma City metro area killing 25 people and wounding 390 more. Less than two weeks later, a third tornado ripped through Oklahoma, injuring and killing scores more, including professional and amateur storm chasers. 

Getting at the Heart of Lake Effect Snow Storms
Most SUNY Oswego alumni have an unusually keen memory of the weather during their college years. They think of winter wind, turbulent waves on Lake Ontario and, of course, lake effect snow squalls.

Oswego Students Head to NYC for Networking and Career Exploration with Alumni
On Jan. 9, nearly 200 students will travel to New York City for a day trip to tour and visit with a few well-known employers and to network with Oswego alumni who live and work in the metro-New York area.

Oswego Alumni Association Hosts Dessert Reception For December Graduates
T’was the night before Commencement when all throughout campus, a coat of snow fell, adding an extra touch of elegance to the scene unfolding inside the Sheldon Hall Ballroom. 

This month's question:
Did you follow through with your 2013 resolution?

Last month’s question:
Did "the ropes" placed around campus for battling the elements really exist?

Your answers:
YES! They were there when I was at Oswego (59%); No, the ropes are a myth (29%); Yes, the ropes were there; but they were not meant to hold on to. (10%); I don't know what ropes you are talking about (2%).


Nationally Ranked Men's Ice Hockey Ties Nation's No. 1
The nationally ranked Oswego State men's ice hockey team took the nation's No. 1 team, Plattsburgh State, the distance in a 3-3 tie on Dec. 7 during White Out Weekend in front of a sellout crowd of 3,000 fans in the Campus Center Ice Arena.